Martin Hörndlinger


Executive summary

Martin Hörndlinger completed an apprenticeship in the trust services in Liechtenstein. In 2007, he successfully completed his training as a specialist in finance and accounting. Subsequently, he worked in leading positions for 12 years at auditing companies in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein and at the same time pursued his training as an auditor. In 2011 he was awarded the diploma of Federal Certified Public Accountant in Switzerland. In 2012, he sucessfully passed the examination for auditors in Liechtenstein.

Martin Hörndlinger has more than 12 years of experience in the fields of auditing, finance and accounting, tax and management consulting. His focus is on audits of investment undertakings and management companies according to IUG 2015, UCITSG and AIFMG, of asset management companies, international corporations, SME companies and non-profit foundations. Martin Hörndlinger also holds special legal approvals according to IUG 2015, UCITSG, AIFMG, VVG and SPG (AFI).

Martin Hörndlinger is also a member of EXPERTsuisse, the Liechtenstein Association of Chartered Accountants and the VVG Special Audit Working Group.