You are looking for a secure and easy-to-handle accounting software without the need for regular updates?

You want an accounting software that allows for easier data exchange and synchronization with your accountant?

Web applications for small and medium-sized enterprises are booming. AbaWeb allows for small and medium-sized companies to handle their accounting online. This saves you time, money and energy, and you can now make more effective use of your accounting data.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises know these problems: Accounting software, which requires regular updates and might not even be compatible with the finance platform of your accountant. Transmission of sensitive data via snail mail, fax or insufficiently secured e-mail correspondence. Cumbersome exchange and synchronization of data with the accountant. Piles of invoice documents and other records.

This is exactly where AbaWeb comes in as the perfect solution. AbaWeb (SaaS) is the web-based version of Abacus, the most widely used business software in Switzerland. You can work directly in the program, which is located on the BDO-Server, and you can edit and view your data at any time and from anywhere. You no longer need your own accounting software, and tasks like performing backups and updates become obsolete. Furthermore, you and your accountant will be working on the same surface. Data exchange simply won't be necessary anymore. All you need is broadband internet connection and an internet browser like, for example, Internet Explorer.

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