Natascha Weh

Natascha Weh




After graduating from the Bundesgymnasium BG Gallus in Bregenz in 1999, Natascha Weh worked for a renowned Austrian bank as a youth coordinator for 4 years.

After that she moved abroad for 3 years. From 2007 - 20016 she worked as a sales assistant for private customers and as an EOB at a renowned Austrian bank. Her duties included customer care and servicing, master data management and implementation of preparatory work and measures for customer - and account coding.

After a baby break, Natascha Weh returned to the company in 2018 and was a consultant and technical specialist,  responsible for the client investment and worked on various process and product developments.

Since April 2022, she has been working for BDO (Liechtenstein) Ag as a Compliance Officer in the financial sector.