• Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, M&A

Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, M&A

You want to sell your business or make veteran employees shareholders of your company?

Maybe you even want to merge with another enterprise?

We conduct a professional business valuation for you, based on established valuation methods (for example DCF, EBIT-Multiple, Intrinsic Value Method). We will guide you through the entire due diligence process that comes with buying or selling a business.

We can specifically support you in the following areas:

  • Business valuation
  • Structuring of and guidance through the entire due diligence process, e. g.:
    • Preparation of sales documents like teaser, information memorandum, confidentiality agreement, management presentation
    • Identification of prospective buyers (long list -> short list)
    • Contacting of prospective buyers and sellers
    • Support of potential buyers within the scope of a sales process
    • Preparation of letter of intent / preparation resp. evaluation of non binding offers
    • Data room management
    • Preparation and monitoring of Q&A sessions
    • Timely identification of critical issues and potential deal breakers
    • Controlled auction, where applicable
    • Active conduction of contract and price negotiations
    • Draft of purchase resp. sales contract
  • Support and monitoring of the actual transaction
  • Management of the entire integration project as well as handling of partial projects
  • Assistance with decisions between centralized and decentralized solutions

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